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About CCPI

CCP International BV has been developing and manufacturing cleaning and preservation products for over 12.5 years. We offer an extensive range of professional solutions for application firms working in the cleaning, construction and various other sectors. A major advantage of CCPI’s products is that we manufacture them according to the most stringent quality standards. In addition, our products are certified and have a relatively low impact on the environment.

CCPl’s product range offers a suitable surface treatment solution for both standard applications and custom projects. What’s more: the high quality of the ingredients used in our products guarantees a more durable finish and, consequently, optimal results.

CCPl’s product lines stem from our ambition to develop new, safe cleaning and/or preservation solutions that have a smaller environmental footprint and are emissions-neutral wherever possible. In addition, development activities within our R&D department have a strong focus on improving ease of use.

Besides offering a comprehensive product concept, our main foundation at CCPl is the extensive technical know-how found within our organisation. This means we can always develop the appropriate solution for a specific problem on the client’s behalf! At CCPl, our focus is firmly on finding a solution – so that working together with our partners, we can achieve consistently solid results.

At CCPll, we have a number of core values to which we attach strong importance. One of our most important values is honesty – as expressed in our drive to produce high quality products as well as innovative solutions. This drive also inspires our desire to take our responsibility as a company and help to both raise the standard of quality in the cleaning sector and improve its environmental impact. This ambition, the constant pursuit of innovation and custom solutions for contractors applying our products, has put CCPl at the forefront of developments within the cleaning industry.

And finally, the organisation has the required technical expertise in house to consistently formulate the most appropriate recommendations – so that our partners are always assured of the best possible support!


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