Bedrijfslocatie Krimpen aan den IJssel

The aluminum siding of this complex can be categorized in condition score 5 in accordance with the CCPI Conditiescore Systeem. Technically, the substrate was almost at the end of its life. The surface has been cleaned with PreClean AL10 and then sanded. Before applying the preservation, the substrate was taken with PreClean® SurfaceCleaner Wipes.

As a new top layer, PreSpec® RenoTop 2-K in the RAL color 5003 was chosen. This has ensured that the complex has been given a completely new look and can continue for many years to come. However, a maintenance program has also been drawn up for this project in order to maintain the subsurface technically and aesthetically in an optimal condition.

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Krimpen aan den IJssel


  • Aluminum siding and overhead doors

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