Metrostation Beurs, Rotterdam

The platforms of metro station Beurs in Rotterdam have had a thorough 0 turn. In addition to the already present types of contaminants that had adhered to the platform, there were also problems with the skid resistance of the platforms. By using, among other things, emulsifying cleaning agents, the contamination present was spread across the platforms, as it were, which caused slippery problems. With each cleaning, a new layer of contamination formed on the surface, which caused the smoothness.


These problems have been solved by means of an intensive 0-turn using PreClean® AL50. PreClean® AL50 dissolves the adhesive layer with which grease, dirt and oxidation products adhere to the surface, penetrates deeply and emulsifies these dirt particles, then disperses the contamination by the cleaning product so that it can be easily removed. This removed the contamination instead of spreading it on the platform.


The periodic cleaning operations are now also carried out with PreClean® AL50 to prevent these kinds of problems in the future.




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