J-Platform Luchthaven Schiphol


There are six concrete storage tanks along the A4 on the J-Platform at Schiphol Airport. These tanks are used to store the wastewater from the de-icing platforms before it is discharged. The waste water mainly consists of liquid de-icing liquids (propylene glycol) mixed with water which is sprayed on the aircraft during the winter operation to prevent ice formation.



During various inspections, early degeneration has been observed on the inner walls of the storage tanks. This was caused by the fact that the naturally pH-neutral propylene glycol acidifies under certain conditions, resulting in damage to the concrete.


CCP International has developed a tailor-made coating specially for this project, with which the concrete walls and floors of the tanks have been treated. This two-component coating is characterized by its extremely high chemical resistance, which is of course necessary to protect the walls against the effects of the chemical waste water.

Before the coating is applied, the concrete is first thoroughly cleaned with PreClean® Gel ZR. This removes all acidic contamination and early degradation. After this, the coating could be applied. Protecting the tanks will allow them to continue to be used in the coming years. In addition, a tailor-made maintenance program has been drawn up to keep the tanks and the coating already applied in an optimal condition.


Luchthaven Schiphol


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