Acanthus Amsterdam


ING's head office is located in the Acanthus building in Amsterdam. This project involves a number of surfaces that must be cleaned and preserved. For example, the aluminum window structures and siding are moderately to severely contaminated by atmospheric and biological pollution. There is also a question of light acquisition. Locally there is also pitting corrosion on the aluminum. The concrete elements are seriously contaminated, in particular by biological pollution such as algae and mosses. The aluminum surfaces have been cleaned with PreClean N in combination with PreClean N-Creme. The aluminum surfaces were then preserved using PreCare RenoCoat Brilliance. The concrete elements have been cleaned by PreClean GreenStopper and PreClean SoftEco ZR. The concrete is hydrophobized after cleaning with PreCare AquaProtect WB Creme.




  • Aluminum window constructions
  • Aluminum siding
  • Concrete facade elements

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