Unique collaboration CCP International with Nedmag and De Noord Chemicals :

CCPI, Nedmag and De Noord Chemicals have entered into a partnership regarding the production, sale and distribution of the existing and new generation of anti-slippery products. The latest generation of De-Icers are better for people, the environment and the surface compared to most common calcium chloride De-Icers. PreSpec® De-Icer MAG consists of 100% active magnesium chloride without harmful corrosive and irritant additives.

In practice, PreSpec® De-Icer MAG is hardly irritating to the skin during prolonged contact and in addition, PreSpec De-Icer MAG is only slightly corrosive to concrete and metals. In summary, PreSpec® De-Icer MAG is safer when used for humans, animals, the environment and plants. Because of these properties, PreSpec® De-Icer MAG has no hazard symbols and H&P phrases conform REACH 2015.

All parties involved take their responsibility in making the solutions for anti-slipperiness even more sustainable without neglecting the quality of the products. In addition to the new PreSpec® De-Icer MAG, the proven regular PreSpec® De-Icer Prills with an active substance content of approx. 95% are of course also available via CCPl.

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De-Icer Prills


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