Service en Advies

Within CCPI, service is of utmost importance. Our activities not only involve developing innovative solutions in the areas of cleaning, protection, and maintenance, but we also offer an extensive additional service package.

First and foremost, we conduct daily project inspections in which conducting reference tests is a crucial aspect of our work. The establishment of the correct working methodology is central to this process. Ultimately, this results in a concise assessment form that we can translate into a tailor-made project advice. When performing the reference test, we strive to carry out these activities within the same timeframe that is actually available during the project. Additionally, we prefer to place reference tests on the least favorable side of an object and preferably, if possible, at an elevated position. This is to provide a comprehensive and realistic depiction, along with accurate and substantiated conclusions and recommendations.

During our project inspections, we have access to innovative measuring equipment. This enables us to consistently measure external temperature, humidity, dew point, and substrate temperature. Furthermore, our gloss meters allow us to measure gloss levels before and after the reference tests. Our technical advisors also have access to thickness gauges and equipment to measure the quality of materials such as stainless steel. All of this is aimed at providing a thorough and well-founded advisory.

Our technical advisors are also prepared to conduct various ISO/NEN tests. For instance, performing a Karsten test to determine the water absorption of a mineral substrate, or conducting a cross-cut test to assess the adhesion level of a coating system. All of these efforts are aimed at ensuring overall quality. Finally, we are regularly present at the project's initiation and/or conduct interim project visits, including a portion of project guidance. The goal here is to ensure smooth project progression, ultimately yielding satisfying results for our partners and clients.


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