About CCPI

CCP International BV, or popularly CCPI, has been a developer and producer of high-quality cleaning, maintenance and protection products for more than 12.5 years. CCPI offers application companies, active in, among others, the cleaning and construction industry, an extensive range of innovative solutions. Our solutions are developed and produced in accordance with ISO 9001 qualities, 14001 environmental guidelines and GMP + standards. This means that environmental aspects and effects have been deliberately weighed and safeguarded.

CCPI has extensive practical experience in providing tailor-made solutions for almost all surfaces and types of projects. Due to a broader view of cleaning and conservation challenges, arising from daily practice and our technical know-how, we are able to provide a customized solution for each project or problem. In addition, the high quality of the ingredients used in our products ensures a more sustainable effect and therefore optimal results.

CCPI's products stem from the ambition to develop new, safe, less environmentally harmful and, where possible, emission-neutral cleaning and preservation products. In addition, the degree of user-friendliness plays a particularly important role in the developments in CCPI's R&D department.

In addition to offering a total concept of products, the foundation of CCPI as an organization is mainly the technical know-how that is available, which means that there is almost always an appropriate solution for the problem posed! CCPI likes to work project-based and solution-oriented in order to achieve satisfactory results together with its partners. A good example is our unique CCPI Conditionscore System.

CCPI attaches great importance to a number of core values. By offering high-quality products on the one hand and the urge to develop innovative solutions on the other, innovation is one of the most important core values ​​within CCPI. CCPI tries to take responsibility with this in order to bring the quality of the entire industry to a higher level. We also do this by giving courses, with which we try to bring the knowledge of our partners to a higher level.

As a flexible partner, we are able to respond to the latest developments and also have an eye for custom solutions. In addition, we are always looking for new, improved and more environmentally friendly raw materials to apply in our current package. CCPI tries to be progressive in the market together with its partners.

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