Innovative Parameter in our CCPI Condition Scoring System!

The goal of our CCPI Condition Score System is to work towards the most substantiated solution for each type of project. Even within this system, we continue to explore innovative additions that enhance the outcomes. From now on, we are also implementing the Barcol Hardness Test as an additional parameter. This method measures the hardness of materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, plastics, etc., using a Barcol Hardness Impressor. Additionally, the method is suitable for measuring the degree of curing in composite materials and coatings.

We often receive inquiries, for example, in the case of damage to an existing powder coating system, about whether it still meets requirements. This has prompted us to further investigate. In consultation with some powder coating suppliers, we have determined a dimensioning based on the Barcol Hardness Test. This way, we can measure quality and assess the end result. Thus, we can provide a better and substantiated answer to such inquiries.

Finally, this measurement is also suitable for another common question. Should the existing window rubbers be replaced, or can they still suffice? Using the measurement, we can assess the current quality of the window rubbers and provide our partners with a substantiated answer instead of solely relying on visual assessment. Feel free to contact us for more information!



23/01/2024   |   Bjorn Bulte

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