PreSpec De-Icer Prills, the original solution for ice control for years!

No one can ignore it by now, winter has made its entrance in the past few days. Additionally, for the upcoming week, snow and ice are predicted alongside the cold temperatures. With our PreSpec® De-Icer Prills, we present the ultimate solution to combat slipperiness caused by snow and/or ice. For years, we have been working closely with our partners to prevent issues arising from slippery conditions. PreSpec® De-Icer Prills stands out as the best alternative compared to conventional ice control methods using road salt or urea.

PreSpec® De-Icer Prills works faster, more effectively, is economical in consumption, and has a preventive effect, averting potential problems. Another significant advantage is that it causes no damage to surrounding surfaces under normal use. If you'd like more information about PreSpec® De-Icer Prills, feel free to contact us or check out additional product details in our comprehensive brochure.

PreSpec De-Icer Prills are available through our dealers: Hijman Schoonmaakartikelen, Haagclean Products, and Weska Schoonmaakartikelen


10/01/2024   |   Bjorn Bulte

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