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PreClean N and PreCare EasyProtect: a winning combination for periodic maintenance!

The importance of periodic maintenance has been emphasized by us on several occasions. Whether it concerns new substrates or substrates that have been treated during an initial preservation, it remains crucial to include the surfaces in a maintenance program. For more information and our opinion on this subject, please read the following article.

The combination of cleaning with PreClean® N and maintenance with PreCare® EasyProtect meets the requirements for aesthetic maintenance. This system offers many application advantages as it can be easily applied wet-on-wet and is suitable for use in damp weather conditions. PreClean® N is pH-neutral and does not contain any etching or bleaching components, making it safe to clean surfaces without causing any etching. Moreover, cleaning with PreClean® N is also much safer for the user!

In addition, PreCare® EasyProtect provides a durable technical protection of approximately 6 to 12 months and restores the original aesthetic character of surfaces. Furthermore, glass surfaces can also be treated directly with the correct dilution. Lastly, the system offers economic benefits as the consumption is very low due to the low dosage (PreClean® N 1:30 and PreCare® EasyProtect even 1:1000).


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