Mandatory training for working with Diisocyanates

Starting from August 24th, 2023, it is mandatory for every employee who works professionally with diisocyanates to undergo a special training.

From practice: Gloss level measurement

In addition to providing comprehensive project advice, we offer support to our partners as needed and regularly visit ongoing projects to monitor progress.

Training for 5 companies at Weska

On Friday, June 30th, colleagues Sebastiaan De Reus and Bjorn Bulte had the opportunity to provide training to a group of 12 enthusiastic specialists

Presentation to the members of Xubliem

On Friday, April 14th, colleague Bjorn Bulte had the opportunity, upon the invitation of our dealers Hijman Schoonmaakartikelen and Weska Schoonmaakproducten, to deliver a presentation to the members of Xubliem.

PreClean N and PreCare EasyProtect: a winning combination for periodic maintenance!

A great practical example of a substrate treated using this innovative system.

Interactive display in the renovated showroom of Hijman Schoonmaakartikelen

On Friday, February 3rd, the showroom of our dealer Hijman Schoonmaakartikelen was officially reopened after an extensive renovation. The showroom has been completely renovated, and we are thrilled to have a prominent place in the revamped showroom with CCPI.

Opinie: Het belang van een goede reiniging en voorbehandeling

Nog steeds komen wij in de markt coatings en producten tegen met beloftes en garanties die vaak te mooi zijn om waar te zijn. Coatingsystemen met garanties van 10 tot wel 15 jaar, producten die voor elke toepassing geschikt worden geacht tot en met de term nanocoating.

Nieuwe aanwinst voor CCPI!

Vanwege de groei van ons bedrijf waren wij op zoek naar een enthousiaste teamspeler die ons bedrijf wilde versterken.


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