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An important objective within CCPI's mission and vision is to transfer as much knowledge as possible to our partners. The success of applying coating systems, for example, is strongly related to a number of important factors (type of substrate, technical condition of the substrate, maintenance history, cleaning method, pre-treatment, weather conditions, etc.). CCPI offers the possibility to provide our partners with one or more courses in our in-house training center or on location for an "on the job" course.

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In our Basic Knowledge of Facade Maintenance course, the focus is mainly on the different types of surfaces and the type of contamination encountered in practice. In addition, the different types of cleaning agents and their properties are discussed in more detail. Naturally with the aim of working towards a user-friendly, safe and, if possible, environmentally friendly (er) solution.

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The course Coatings, Protection Systems and Application is a follow-up course that is a deepening course after the course Basic Knowledge Facade Maintenance. In this course the focus is mainly on the various types of protection systems available in the market. What are the characteristics of this and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the respective protection systems. The role of the technical condition of the subsurface and the importance in the choice of the protective screen system to be used are also discussed. In addition, an important part of the course is determining the preconditions and the risks that exist when applying protective systems. Of course it is also possible to offer a tailor-made course based on your questions or challenges. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities and to work together to further increase the existing knowledge within your organization.

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