Uitgevoerde ISO laboratoriumtesten beschermsystemen CCPI

CCPI has been at the forefront of innovative surface treatments for over 15 years. We have developed various types of protective systems that have proven their value in practical applications. In recent years, we have further developed our well-balanced conservation line, with a significant focus on complementing and strengthening the different types of protective systems. In addition to this, we have introduced our proprietary CCPI Condition Score System, which allows us to link the characteristics and properties of the protective systems to the phases within an underlying surface's life cycle. With this comprehensive system, we can provide well-founded advice on the most appropriate Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Plan (MJOP), taking into account the level of reversibility of the applied protective system and ensuring it aligns with budgetary requirements.

In the development of our protective systems, we consider how the applied conservation performs in both single and complementary states. This approach allows us not only to recondition a surface to its intended state but also to focus on extending its lifespan through proper maintenance (MJOP).

The most critical aspect of conserving non-porous surfaces is determining the current technical condition of the substrate, its maintenance history, and the quality of preparatory work (chemical and possibly mechanical treatment). Once these parameters are known, and the preparation is carried out correctly, we can make well-informed assessments based on practical experience and knowledge of how the conservation will perform. To further substantiate the quality and scientific basis of our conservation line, we have subjected it to a series of ISO-NEN tests, conducted by an independent scientific laboratory.

The following tests have been performed:

-    Saltspraytest: ISO 9227, ISO 4628-2, ISO 4628-3, ISO 4628-8, 480 hours
-    Constant Humidity test: ISO 6270-1, ISO 4628-2, ISO 4628-3, 240 Hours
-    Determination of film hardness by pencil test: ISO 15184
-    Bend test (conical mandrel): ISO 6860
-    Bend test (cylindrical mandrel): ISO 1519, 600 hours
-    Fluorescent UV lamps: ISO 16474-3, 600 Hours (levensduur 6 jaar)
-    Gloss according to ISO 2813

The following protective systems were used:

-    PreCare EasyProtect
-    PreCare EasyProtect ELS
-    PreCare RenoCoat
-    PreCare RenoCoat Brilliance
-    PreCare RenoCoat Finish
-    PreSpec BarrierCoat 2-K
-    PreSpec RenoTop 1-K
-    RenoShield SurfaceProtector CL100


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