CCPI Conditionscore App

The CCPI Condition Score System:

Cleaning Care Products International (hereinafter referred to as CCPI) is launching a unique app that enables facade maintenance companies, among others, to use the CCPI Condition Score System developed by CCPI in a simple and efficient manner. With this innovative system combined with the app, closed, non-porous substrates can be categorized based on their current technical condition. The categorization is done after considering various variables from the CCPI Condition Score System. A major advantage of using the app is that users can receive informed advice on the most suitable type of protective system for the specific substrate. The type of protective system depends on the condition score assigned to the substrate. Additionally, users also receive immediate advice regarding the periodic maintenance of the substrates.

Proven in real-life situations:

Through the frequent use of the CCPI Condition Score System in combination with our project advice, we have noticed a significant demand from both application companies and building managers/property owners to expand the use of this approach. Our goal is to give substrates and projects the attention they deserve with a thorough and well-founded approach in order to enhance overall quality. Naturally, this is done within the specified scope, with attention given to balancing the available budget (price per square meter) with the desired quality output. This way, we strive for more successful projects that companies can ultimately look back on with satisfaction, resulting in continuity.

Additional features within the app:

In the coming period, we will further inform our partners and associates about our condition score system in conjunction with the app. In addition to going through the condition score system, it is also possible to link additional project data, such as reference tests, to the outcome of the condition score system. This option is available to our established partners and associates. They can access the enhanced version of the app using their own login credentials. This enables them to convert the results and additional data into a form that can easily be shared with colleagues and/or clients. The forms and projects are also stored, making it easy to retrieve, modify, and share previous projects.

With the CCPI Condition Score App, we offer an additional service to our partners that not only shifts the benchmark but also creates added value. The CCPI Condition Score App can be downloaded from the App Store for Apple and the Google Play Store for Android.


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