With RenoShield protection systems, Cleaning Care Products International (CCPI) is introducing a stand-alone programme within its existing range of solutions for protecting non-porous surfaces. The RenoShield programme comprises several unique premium, transparent and semi-permanent protection systems. These protection systems were developed specifically for use on surfaces categorised in condition score 4 of our CCPI Condition Score System. On increasingly more projects, we encounter surfaces that are approaching the end of their technical service life. These surfaces may have been improperly treated in the past or are suffering severe surface degradation due to a maintenance backlog. We much prefer using reversible protection systems combined with a customised maintenance programme. However, for these types of surfaces and situations, reversible protection systems do not meet clients’ aesthetic requirements, which is why, with these situations in mind, CCPI has developed a system that offers a solution for these specific projects. RenoShield protection systems and associated programmes aim to give such surfaces the attention they deserve and in the most controlled way possible.

The RenoShield® programme is characterised by its realistic and no-nonsense approach. RenoShield® protection systems are part of the RenoShield® range and have been developed as a solution for property owners and managers who are increasingly often faced with surfaces that have been treated with many different types of protection systems available on the market, without any underlying knowledge or expertise. Certain promises or guarantees in this respect are far from realistic, in our view. On projects these days, we are increasingly confronted by clients who are at a loss as to what to do.

With the RenoShield® programme, CCPI aims to introduce a long-term maintenance programme to revitalise surfaces and projects that have reached the end of their technical service life, with everything being carried out under strict conditions. CCPI is not launching a new protection product on the market with its RenoShield® programme, but is offering a complete maintenance programme that gives projects and clients the attention they deserve. The RenoShield® programme is MJOP (Multi-year Maintenance Plan) (5 or 10 years) driven and has been developed specifically to guarantee constant technical and aesthetic quality with a transparent pricing that takes VMRG (Association for the Metal Door and Façade Industry) maintenance regulations into account.

The RenoShield® programme does not comprise free samples, three for the price of one offers, or discounts that you end up paying for yourself. We do, however, produce well-founded application advice that is always a match for your project. We also support you throughout the project so that you achieve the best possible result, agreed in advance. In a nutshell, we simply offer clear and transparent advice with the project as the main focus. Conducting a project inspection, combined with formulating a detailed work description and setting up a reference test is step 1 in the work process. Once the order has been placed, several pre-arranged project inspections are carried out, including a kick-off meeting to launch the project. Project quality and progress are recorded during project inspections and, after delivery, we issue a warranty certificate for the agreed duration and warranty conditions. Of course, the warranty conditions depend on the condition of the surface before starting treatment.  In short, a clear and transparent workflow that offers a hassle-free solution for your project. We would be pleased to provide you with a more detailed explanation of our new protection strategy, which is in line with MJOP-driven maintenance. Feel free to contact us about this.

RenoShield® SurfaceProtector CL100 is a semi-permanent, transparent, film-forming, ser...