Impressed Pro® Marine

The Impressed Pro Marine line has been specifically developed for use on and around yachts and/or ships. The Impressed Pro Marine line consists of unique high-quality solutions that are produced according to the strictest quality requirements with the most innovative green raw materials. This means that environmental aspects and effects were consciously weighed up and safeguarded while the solutions were being developed.The main component of the Impressed Pro Marine line is our unique MarineCoat. This exclusive protection system offers durable protection for almost all waterproof surfaces, such as polyester, epoxy (GRP) and metal surfaces with a plastic top coating. In practice, we come across many ships and yachts that are not paid the attention they deserve and are in bad condition (score 4-5). A treatment ensures a total refit of the ship, after which the ship is returned in excellent condition (score 1-3). In addition, a treatment with MarineCoat results in significant cost and time savings in the ship's maintenance programme

More information about the Impressed Pro Marine Line can be founded on the following website: Impressed Pro® Marine.

Impressed Pro Marine

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