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Graffiti is and remains a social problem for many real estate owners or managers. With the unique PreTagg® line, CCPl offers a complete system as a solution to this problem. The PreTagg® line contains a number of specific cleaners that make it easier for you to remove graffiti from almost all surfaces. Despite the high effectiveness of our cleaning agents, removing applied graffiti from unprotected surfaces remains an often time-consuming and tedious process.

With the anti-graffiti coatings and preservation products from the PreTagg® line, surfaces are protected for a long time and these surfaces are usually easier to clean. The PreTagg® line includes self-sacrificing reversible anti-graffiti coatings as well as permanent anti-graffiti coatings. As in our other product lines, CCPI tries to minimize the burden on people and the environment with regard to the graffiti issue.

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