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PreSpec PeelableCoat

PreSpec® PeelableCoat is a water-based removable waterproof and chemical resistant coating. PreSpec® PeelableCoat is ideal for applying to surfaces where temporary protection is required, for example during a construction process. PreSpec® PeelableCoat is applicable to various
prefabricated elements such as aluminum curtain walls, anodised aluminum, glass, etc. PreSpec® PeelableCoat can be applied both indoors and outdoors. PreSpec® PeelableCoat is semi permeable (breathable) so for outdoor use, the lifespan is limited.

PreSpec® PeelableCoat is available in a transparent version so that the underlying construction remains clearly visible. In addition, PreSpec® PeelableCoat is also available in various colors to properly shield an environment. Due to the unique and innovative composition of PreSpec® PeelableCoat, the protection is very strong yet flexible and elastic with a soft film layer that is very resistant to, among other things, water, acids and bases.


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