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PreSpec® De-Icer Liquid Pro

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PreSpec® De-Icer Liquid Pro has been specially developed for quickly and effectively combating and preventing slippery conditions on platforms, stairs, entrances, bicycle sheds, etc. PreSpec® De-Icer Liquid Pro gives off heat after application, allowing rapid defrosting place. This product works faster than brine and works down to -20 ° C. Brine is only effective up to - 4 ° C.

In addition, PreSpec® De-Icer Liquid Pro prevents the treated surface from freezing again for approx. 24 hours and can therefore be used pre-eminently as a preventive measure. The built-in anti-slip blockers provide an even more slip-resistant surface.

PreSpec® De-Icer Liquid Pro is economical to use. In addition, practice has shown that it does not attack concrete, stone, metal, plastic and wood. It is also harmless to trees and shrubs during normal use. It has also been found that when using this product, the broken freezing of the substrate is prevented.


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