PreSpec® RenoTop 2-K

PreSpec® RenoTop 2-K is a unique, innovative, extremely durable protection system based on polyurethane and available in both transparent and all RAL colors. PreSpec® RenoTop 2-K is ideal for outdoor applications on, for example, metal surfaces such as aluminum frames, water hammer or facade cladding. A treatment with PreSpec® RenoTop 2-K ensures a very durable protection with easy-to-clean properties so that renewed contamination is less adherent and is therefore easier to remove. In addition, the treated surface can be cleaned frequently without being reapplied, due to its excellent adhesion to the surface. The treated surface is also excellent protected against, among other things, the influence of erosion and moisture.

In addition, a treatment provides a renewed shine and representative appearance. PreSpec® RenoTop 2-K is extremely suitable for surfaces that are technically at the end of their life and are categorized in conditiescore 5 van het CCPI Conditiescore Systeem. After a treatment it is always recommended to include the surfaces in a maintenance program.


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