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PreSpec CleanProtect

PreSpec® CleanProtect is a user-friendly and innovative maintenance product for various soft smooth surfaces for indoors and outdoors. PreSpec® CleanProtect can be applied excellently on, for example, plastic walls and doors, but also on leather, artificial leather, vinyl, etc. PreSpec® CleanProtect cleans and leaves a thin transparent preservation layer with a limited lifespan. PreSpec® CleanProtect fits perfectly within a regular maintenance program.

Special advantages:

  • PreSpec® CleanProtect cleans and protects in a single pass.
  • PreSpec® CleanProtect saves time by its unique and user-friendly operation.
  • PreSpec® CleanProtect leaves a preservation layer after use, so that dirt can adhere less quickly to the substrate.
  • PreSpec® CleanProtect can be used on almost all smooth surfaces.
  • PreSpec® CleanProtect has no hazard symbols and / or H & P phrases and is therefore safe to use.n. 


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