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PreClean® AL10 - Cleaning Care Products International BV (CCPI)

PreClean® AL10

PreClean® AL10 is an effective, highly concentrated, innovative, mildly alkaline, and demulsifying cleaning product. PreClean® AL10 consists of a powerful composition including synthetic detergents, penetrants, and surface-active agents. PreClean® AL10 breaks down the molecular structure of contaminants without causing any damage to the treated surface. It is particularly effective against atmospheric pollution and grease.

PreClean® AL10 is especially suitable for use on practically all hard, water-resistant surfaces, such as coated surfaces, aluminum (powder-coated and anodized), stainless steel, Trespa, etc. Additionally, PreClean® AL10 works excellently in combination with PreClean® N-Crème, for example, as a cleaning method during a maintenance procedure before preserving surfaces with PreCare RenoCoat® or PreCare RenoCoat® Brilliance.

Special advantages:

  • PreClean® AL10 works easily also in the case of extremely stuck accumulated grease layers and dirt.
  • The most contaminated surfaces can be cleaned quickly and safely by the three-sided chemical effect of PreClean® AL10.
  • PreClean® AL10 dissolves the adhesive layer with which grease dirt and oxidation products adhere to the surface, penetrates deeply and emulsifies these dirt particles, then disperses the contamination by the cleaning product so that it can be easily removed.
  • PreClean® AL10 is completely water-soluble.


  • Effectief alkalisch reinigingsproduct ideaal voor toepassing op alle watervaste ondergronden
  • Samenstelling van innovatieve synthetische detergenten
  • Ideaal in combinatie met PreClean N-Crème


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