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PreCare RenoCoat Brilliance

PreCare RenoCoat® Brilliance is the latest in preservatives. PreCare RenoCoat® Brilliance protects and preserves extreme surfaces such as Trespa, plastic, enamelled aluminum, painted surfaces and provides long-term protection.

PreCare RenoCoat® Brilliance protects the surfaces against deterioration (etching effect) and the obtaining of coated building materials by, for example, calcium carbonates, aluminum oxides and UV radiation, and the surface also becomes easy-to-clean. PreCare RenoCoat® Brilliance protects among others against: industrial precipitation, acid rain, resin of trees, soot and metal particles, bird droppings, salty (sea) air, UV radiation, brine and pollution by insects. PreCare RenoCoat® Brilliance is excellently applicable on surfaces that be categorized in condition score 3 of the CCPI Conditiescore Systeem.

Special advantages:

  • PreCare RenoCoat® Brilliance significantly reduces re-adherence of dirt and strongly restores color and shine.
  • PreCare RenoCoat® Brilliance fills up extremely open pores, so that color and shine are restored.
  • PreCare RenoCoat® Brilliance penetrates evenly and deeply into the pores of the treated surface. This makes the surface extremely smooth, so that dirt has no chance to adhere to the surface.
  • PreCare RenoCoat® Brilliance has been found to provide excellent long-term protection of the treated surfaces in practice and in extensive laboratory tests.
  • PreCare RenoCoat® Brilliance has no H and P phrases and no hazard symbols.


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