PreClean Gel ZR

PreClean® Gel ZR is a strong acidic cleaning product, specially developed for the removal of extreme and stubborn inorganic, atmospheric and mineral contaminants. The unique innovative composition of the product ensures that after the application of PreClean® Gel ZR it “closes” at the top, so that the substrate is fully wetted during the contact moment. Practical experience has shown that PreClean® Gel ZR removes highly effective and above all user-friendly atmospheric pollution, iron phosphate and other deposits on windows, facing brick, concrete, etc. Furthermore, PreClean® Gel ZR is successfully used in the construction industry to clean cement grooves, tiles, seams and concrete objects that have rust deposits and other contamination. PreClean® Gel ZR is extremely suitable for removing atmospheric deposits built up over many years from mineral surfaces.

Special advantages:

  • PreClean® Gel ZR removes stubborn inorganic, atmospheric and mineral contaminants from various stone types such as concrete, etc. PreClean® Gel ZR does not affect both the color and the substrate if used according to instructions.
  • Due to its unique composition and viscosity, PreClean® Gel ZR does not have the disadvantages of conventional liquid cleaning products (dripping, overspray, etc.). This will limit damage caused by the use of liquid cleaning agents, if used according to instructions.
  • PreClean® Gel ZR is completely water-soluble.


  • Strong cleaning gel for removing stubborn inorganic and mineral contamination
  • Excellent for use on glassware and mineral surfaces such as masonry, (washed) exposed aggregate concrete, tile, etc.
  • Due to its viscosity, it avoids the drawbacks of conventional liquid cleaners (dripping, overspray, etc.)


5-liter bucket


  • » Mineraal
  • » Glas

Type vuil

  • » Anorganische


  • » Reinigen


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