PreSpec SaniCoat

PreSpec® SaniCoat has been specially developed for making dirt, grease, oil and water repellent of various mineral surfaces in sanitary areas, such as: ceramic tiles, tiles, terra cotta and various unpolished and honed natural stone types, bricks, stucco, etc. Contamination no longer absorbs into the substrate and can be removed with a neutral or slightly alkaline cleaner, always rinse with water. The treated surface becomes extremely hydrophobic, so that PreSpec® SaniCoat can also be used excellently to prevent urinating, for example. Due to the unique effect, a water jet bounces back and it also has a preventive effect.

Special advantages:

  • PreSpec® SaniCoat is a sustainable mineral breeding product, based on the latest technologies and can therefore be labeled as a high-quality wear-resistant coating.
  • PreSpec® SaniCoat is a breathable coating with a long service life (Md = 0.015).
  • PreSpec® SaniCoat does not visually alter the original.
  • PreSpec® SaniCoat cross-links capillary and gives a maximum layer thickness of 3 mu.
  • PreSpec® SaniCoat does not change color.


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