PreSpec CareSpray

PreSpec® CareSpray is an innovative and user-friendly solution for the temporary preservation and maintenance of various hard surfaces. PreSpec® CareSpray is particularly suitable for use on materials such as stainless steel, including applications on elevator doors, mailboxes, lockers, etc. It provides treated surfaces with a (temporary) shine and, furthermore, it prevents contaminants from adhering as strongly to the surface, making it easier and safer to clean with appropriate cleaning agents. PreSpec® CareSpray also offers protection against fingerprints, among other things.

The fact that PreSpec® CareSpray comes in a spray can provides immediate application advantages. It is an excellent alternative to conventional stainless-steel oils.

Special benefits

  • PreSpec® CareSpray prevents finger touches on lift doors or lockers, for example.
  • PreSpec® CareSpray provides a temporary shine after treatment.
  • PreSpec® CareSpray is packaged in an aerosol can which makes application easy and user-friendly.
  • PreSpec® CareSpray makes cleaning the treated surface easier.


  • Oplossing voor het tijdelijk conserveren en onderhouden van diverse harde ondergronden
  • Ideaal voor het onderhoud van RVS lockers, liftdeuren, brievenbussen etc.
  • Behandelde ondergronden verkrijgen een tijdelijke glans
  • Eenvoudige applicatie door spuitbus


Conserverings,- en onderhoudsspray voor harde ondergronden
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