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PreSpec De-Icer MAG

PreSpec® De-Icer MAG has been specially developed to quickly and effectively combat and prevent slippery conditions on platforms, stairs, entrances, bicycle sheds, etc. PreSpec® De-Icer MAG gives off heat when it dissolves, resulting in very rapid defrosting. PreSpec® De-Icer MAG works 30 times faster than brine, melts 150 times its own weight and works down to -20 ° C. Brine is only effective up to about -4 ° C. PreSpec® De-Icer MAG also prevents the treated surface from freezing again during the first 24 hours and can of course be used preventively.

PreSpec® De-Icer MAG contains a percentage of 100% active substance, which results in an extremely effective effect. PreSpec® De-Icer MAG is economical to use. In addition, practice has shown that it does not attack concrete, stone and metal. PreSpec® De-Icer MAG, when prescribed, is completely harmless to trees and shrubs. PreSpec® De-Icer MAG prevents the subsurface from freezing during prescribed use.

PreSpec® De-Icer MAG versus conventional Calcium Chloride De-Icers

  • PreSpec® De-Icer MAG is considerably less irritating to the skin when used.
  • PreSpec® De-Icer MAG is less corrosive to concrete and metals when used as intended.
  • PreSpec® De-Icer MAG is completely safe when used in the environment of humans and animals.
  • PreSpec® De-Icer MAG is completely safe when used near plants and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly.
  • PreSpec® De-Icer MAG works down to -15 ° C.
  • PreSpec® De-Icer MAG is economical to use.
  • Contains 100% active substance without the use of harmful corrosive and irritant additives.


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