PreClean® ZR5

PreClean® ZR5 is a powerful cleaning agent for the safe removal of inorganic contamination such as lime and rust on structures and materials. PreClean® ZR5 has a very good and fast penetrating effect on the contamination. PreClean® ZR5 removes optimally; lime, grout, rust stains and many other types of contaminants. It is used, among other things, on greenhouse roof structures, sheet pile panels, frames and baked tiles.

Special benefits

  • PreClean® ZR5 cleans quickly and effectively.
  • PreClean® ZR5 is safe to use.
  • PreClean® ZR5 is non-toxic.


  • » Hout
  • » Mineraal
  • » Metaal

Type vuil

  • » Anorganische


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