PreClean® Z5 Creme

PreClean® Z5 Cream is a slightly acidic, non-etching, cleaning agent that is suitable for removing stubborn dirt. Among other things, it can be applied to contamination on stainless steel, painted metals, plastic, formica, Trespa, stove enamelled and anodised aluminum, glass, etc. PreClean® Z5 Crème makes plastic and aluminum frames and all kinds of siding back as new. PreClean® Z5 Cream is also suitable for cleaning metals and glass that have been etched and to remove the etching. Ideally suited as preparation for applying PreCare RenoCoat®. After cleaning with PreClean® Z5 Cream as preparation for PreCare RenoCoat®, afterwards clean the surface by PreClean® AL10 to completely remove the residue.

Special benefits

  • PreClean® Z5 Cream has a twofold effect: PreClean® Z5 Cream cleans and polish.
  • The combination of cleaning components and a polishing additive in PreClean® Z5 Cream removes contaminants without damaging the surface.
  • PreClean® Z5 Cream has a degreasing effect due to the presence of surfactants.


  • » Kunstof
  • » Metaal
  • » Glas

Type vuil

  • » Anorganische


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