PreTagg GraffiWax Pro

PreTagg® GraffiWax Pro is a liquid, waxy, self-sacrificing semi-permanent protective coating for mineral surfaces. PreTagg® GraffiWax Pro protects all water-resistant mineral surfaces almost invisibly against the penetration of ink and paint by graffiti pollution. The expected life of the system is approx. 3 years, after which it can simply be removed again by appropriate pressure of hot water and reapplied.

Special benefits

  • PreTagg® GraffiWax Pro penetrates deep into the pores of the substrate through the special surface tension breaking additives, which ensures optimal adhesion.
  • PreTagg® GraffiWax Pro provides a transparent moisture-regulating, waxy protective layer on the surface that protects against the penetration of paint and ink from graffiti, but also against salts and atmospheric pollution.
  • PreTagg® GraffiWax Pro is limited UV resistant and fully biodegradable.
  • PreTagg® GraffiWax Pro does not attack paint, varnishes, chrome, plastic, rubbers and seals or glass during prescribed use.
  • PreTagg® GraffiWax Pro dries in approx. 30 minutes depending on the temperature and leaves no dark spots or white haze, any contaminated surrounding surfaces can easily be cleaned with warm water and, for example, PreClean AL10.
  • PreTagg® GraffiWax Pro can also be used excellently when used in an indoor climate such as sports halls, swimming pools, etc.


  • Wasachtig, zelfopofferende anti-graffiti coating
  • Biedt bescherming tegen de indringing van graffiti en/of verf
  • Ontwikkeld voor minerale ondergronden
  • Graffiti is eenvoudig te reinigen waarna het systeem opnieuw aangebracht dient te worden


Wasachtig, zelfopofferende anti-graffiti coating
10 liter jerrycan
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