PreClean® SoftEco ZR

PreClean® SoftEco ZR is a revolutionary innovative and acid replacement cleaning product based on hydrogen compounds that surpasses the action of cleaning products containing salt and sulfamic acid. PreClean® SoftEco ZR has been specially developed for the effective and above all safe removal of stubborn inorganic, atmospheric and mineral contamination, iron phosphate, calcium carbonates and other deposits on masonry, concrete, natural stone, glass, sheet piling, etc. PreClean® SoftEco ZR is also ideally suited for removing carbon deposits and ferric chloride on stainless steel due to its unique and safe cleaning properties. PreClean® SoftEco ZR has a Triple Null HMIS score. PreClean® SoftEco ZR is safe to use for the user, environment and surrounding building parts and (cleaning) equipment.

Special benefits

  • PreClean® SoftEco ZR has the strong cleaning effect of conventional acidic cleaners, but not the corrosive, unregulated properties and is non-toxic to people, the environment and nature.
  • PreClean® SoftEco ZR is manufactured by the U.S. EPA is considered safe, is fully 100% biodegradable and has no H&P phrases as well as no hazard symbols.
  • PreClean® SoftEco ZR removes stubborn inorganic, atmospheric and mineral contaminants from almost all surfaces without any problem, without affecting the color as well as the surface.
  • PreClean® SoftEco ZR, when used and diluted according to directions, has no etching effect on glass, galvanized materials, aluminum, plastics, and rubber.
  • PreClean® SoftEco ZR is completely water-soluble.


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