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PreCare RenoCoat Stone HS

PreCare RenoCoat® Stone HS is a high-quality transparent semi-film-forming protective agent based on the latest preservation technologies with a very deep penetration into the substrate in combination with. the size and shape of the active solid ensures a completely “sealed” and protected surface. PreCare RenoCoat® Stone HS is very suitable for the preservation of porous mineral surfaces such as flagstones, natural stone, (dense) concrete and marble.

Special advantages:

  • By treating the surfaces with PreCare RenoCoat® Stone HS, these (natural) stone, concrete, etc. absorb hardly any moisture and moisture penetration and frost damage are prevented.
  • Algae and mosses also find a less favorable 'breeding ground' and these do not adhere to the treated surface, or to a lesser extent.
  • PreCare RenoCoat® Stone HS makes the treated surface not only water- but also dirt-resistant due to its special properties!
  • PreCare RenoCoat® Stone HS is easy to process.
  • PreCare RenoCoat® Stone HS provides mineral surfaces with high-quality reversible protection.


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