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PreCare AquaProtect WB

PreCare® AquaProtect WB is a water-emulsifiable hydrophobic agent for mineral surfaces. PreCare® AquaProtect WB is particularly suitable for the preservation of porous (masonry) stone types, natural stone, concrete and other mineral building materials. Facades and construction objects are protected against the (easy) penetration of water and thus the adhesion of pollution.

Special benefits

  • PreCare® AquaProtect WB prevents further damage such as frost damage, weathering and erosion of natural stone and growth of mosses and algae, due to the strong reduction of the moisture absorption of the treated surfaces.
  • PreCare® AquaProtect WB is extremely economical to use. 1 liter is sufficient for 0.5-3 m2 (depending on the application, application method and porosity of the substrate).
  • PreCare® AquaProtect WB gives little or no color change on most mineral surfaces, but with smooth stones it is advisable to place a reference test on an unobtrusive part of the project.


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