PreCare RenoCoat Wood Colour

PreCare RenoCoat® Wood Color is a high-quality pigmented hydrating agent based on the latest technology. PreCare RenoCoat® Wood Color is suitable for application on porous wooden surfaces and objects such as wooden beams, panels, planks, statues and furniture.

Special advantages:

By hydrophobing the wood with PreCare RenoCoat® Wood Color, it hardly absorbs moisture and is therefore preserved. Algae and mosses find a less favorable “breeding ground” and will not attach much or less. PreCare RenoCoat® Wood Color makes the surface not only water-repellent, but also oil-repellent!

PreCare RenoCoat® Wood Colour:

  • Is easy to process;
  • Do not make the surface shine (extra);
  • Restores the surface to its original deep color;
  • Does not make a surface less slippery or smooth.


  • High-quality pigmented preservation for wooden substrates
  • Treated surfaces are sealed and protected
  • Contamination adheres less and is easier to clean
  • Provides wooden substrates with durable reversible protection


Pigmented reversible preservation for wooden substrates
Packaging unit
10-liter jerrycan or box with 12 x 1 liter


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