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PreCare EasyProtect

PreCare® EasyProtect is a fully reversible water-emulsifiable fully transparent preservation product for all smooth facade materials such as Trespa (solid core) siding, Plastisol, anodised aluminum, sheet piling profiles, glass, etc. PreCare® EasyProtect is not film-forming and has strong preservative properties, so that the surface is dust and water resistant. PreCare® EasyProtect is a self-sacrificing preservation product and protects the substrate, depending on the situation, for about 6 months and is therefore ideally suited for use within a facade maintenance program in combination with, for example, an osmosis glass washing system. PreCare® EasyProtect is excellently applicable on surfaces that are categorized in condition score 1 of the CCPI Conditiescore Systeem.

Special advantages:

  • PreCare® EasyProtect adheres very quickly, which ensures fast drying.
  • PreCare® EasyProtect can be applied directly on a wet clean surface.
  • PreCare® EasyProtect gives an even shiny coat after drying.
  • PreCare® EasyProtect provides the treated surface with temporary protection against damage from dirt, rain and seawater.
  • PreCare® EasyProtect does not affect glass, regular paints, chrome, plastics and rubbers, if used according to instructions.
  • PreCare® EasyProtect can ensure that contamination that precipitates on the surface during a dry period is better washed away during the next rain shower (depending on the detailing). The rainwater immediately beads off, so that, for example with facade glass, the (through) visibility is restored.


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