PreCare PolishCreme NV

PreCare® PolishCrème NV is an innovative highly polishing cleaning and maintenance product with preservative properties. PreCare® PolishCrème NV is suitable for removing atmospheric and biological contamination from, for example, enamelled and coated aluminum, solid core plating, plastics, Plastisol sheet piling, etc. PreCare® PolishCrème NV cleans and preserves in one operation. PreCare® PolishCreme NV is excellently applicable on surfaces that are categorized in condition score 2 of the CCPI Conditiescore Systeem.

Special advantages:

  • PreCare PolishCrème NV has a triple action: it cleans, polishes and preserves the surface to be treated:
  • PreCare PolishCrème NV has a strong degreasing effect due to the surfactants present.
  • PreCare PolishCrème NV has a unique combination of cleaning components and a solid polishing additive, so that even strong weathering can be removed without damaging the surface.
  • After cleaning, PreCare PolishCrème NV leaves an ultra-thin transparent finish with a limited lifespan that protects the surface against the adhesion of dirt.
  • PreCare PolishCrème NV is therefore ideally suited for applications within a facade maintenance program.


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