PreCare RenoCoat

PreCare RenoCoat® is the latest in preservatives. PreCare RenoCoat® protects and preserves, for example, Trespa, plastic, stainless steel, enamelled and anodised aluminum, glass and painted surfaces and offers long-term protection. PreCare RenoCoat® protects the surfaces against deterioration (etching effect) and the obtaining of coated building materials by, for example, calcium carbonates, aluminum oxides and UV radiation, and the surface also becomes easy-to-clean. PreCare RenoCoat® protects against: industrial precipitation, acid rain, tree resin, soot and metal particles, bird droppings, salty (sea) air, UV radiation, brine and insect pollution. PreCare RenoCoat® is excellently applicable on surfaces that are categorized in condition score 2 of the CCPI Conditiescore Systeem.

Special advantages:

  • PreCare RenoCoat® significantly reduces re-adherence of dirt and has a strong restoration of color and gloss.
  • PreCare RenoCoat® penetrates evenly and deeply into the pores of the treated surface. This makes the surface extremely smooth, so that dirt has no chance to adhere to the surface.
  • PreCare RenoCoat® has been found to provide excellent long-term protection of the treated surfaces in practice and in extensive laboratory tests.
  • The laboratory tests have been carried out in accordance with the worldwide ISO 11341 standard for WOM tests (Weather-O-Meter), which is the best and most reliable durability test for a coating. The coating is exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Conducted durability tests.

  • Saltspraytest: ISO 9227, ISO 4628-2, ISO 4628-3, ISO 4628-8, 480 hours: Result: Blistering, Corrosion en Delamination = 0
  • Constant Humidity test: ISO 6270-1, ISO 4628-2, ISO 4628-3, 240 Hours: Result: Blistering & Corrosion = 0
  • Gloss according to ISO 2813: Result: 75 GU


  • The standard in reversible and sacrificial preservation for years
  • Excellent for powder-coated and anodized aluminum, stainless steel, Trespa, plastic, etc.
  • Ideal for use within a MJOP (Multi-Year Maintenance Plan) as protective and preservative maintenance (VMRG)
  • Developed for condition score 2 of the CCPI Condition Scoring System


Reversible and sacrificial protective system
Packaging unit
Box with 12 x 1-liter cans


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