PreClean InsectCleanPro

PreClean InsectCleanPro® is a fully reversible cleaning and preservation product that is used, among other things, for cleaning and temporary preservation (protection against renewed contamination) of almost all surfaces (in the open air) against contamination by, among others, atmospheric and seasonal biological pollution. the unique preservative and obtained self-cleaning properties protects PreClean InsectCleanPro® objects against re-adherence of contamination. PreClean InsectCleanPro® is mainly used in hard-to-reach places of buildings, vessels and structures.

Unique 4-fold effect of PreClean InsectCleanPro®

  • Pre-cleaning by dissolving stubborn pollution, such as atmospheric and seasonal biological pollution (insect faeces, spider rag, etc.).
  • Degradation of organic contamination by the unique self-cleaning components present in the product.
  • Oxidation of inorganic pollution such as lime and atmospheric pollution.
  • Temporary protection of objects against renewed contamination by, for example, atmospheric and seasonal biological pollution (insect faeces from flies, mosquitoes and wasps, spider rag) etc.


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