PreClean® GreenStopper ECO

PreClean® GreenStopper Eco is an oxidative cleaning product specially developed for cleaning (green) deposits on various surfaces such as (wooden) terraces, walls, roofs and paving. PreClean® GreenStopper ECO also removes dead mold residues on various surfaces. PreClean® GreenStopper ECO quickly and effectively removes various types of deposits.

Special advantages:

  • PreClean® GreenStopper Eco sanitizes the substrate deep into the pores of the substrate and also has a stretch prevention.
  • PreClean® GreenStopper Eco is economical to use and in many cases makes scrubbing and / or brushing unnecessary.
  • PreClean® GreenStopper Eco does not cause any color change of the treated material.
  • PreClean® GreenStopper Eco does not affect glass, (natural) stone, concrete, reed, trespa, galvanized materials, wood, aluminum, plastics, stainless steel, rubber, chrome and paint


  • » Hout
  • » Mineraal
  • » Textiel

Type vuil

  • » Organic


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