PreClean® AL10F

PreClean® AL10F is a medium foaming powerful innovative alkaline cleaner and contains a powerful composition of biodegradable solvents and penetrants. PreClean® AL10F easily removes atmospheric contamination such as grease, street dirt, salts, finger touches, soot particles, etc. Due to the non-flammable, non-toxic properties of this product, it can be used on practically all hard surfaces, such as coated surfaces, enamelled aluminum surfaces. , Stainless steel etc., before preserving it by means of for example PreCare RenoCoat® or PreCare RenoCoat® WB.

Special advantages:

  • PreClean® AL10F easily breaks down the structure of grease and dirt.
  • PreClean® AL10F is not flammable.
  • PreClean® AL10F is completely water-soluble.


  • » Kunstof
  • » Metaal
  • » Textiel

Type vuil

  • » Organic


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