PreClean® SaniPlus

PreClean® SaniPlus is a safe and deeply penetrating thickened periodic cleaning product for thorough sanitary cleaning. PreClean® SaniPlus has been specially developed to quickly and efficiently remove dirt in the sanitary environment. Due to the thickened composition, the active substances are better able to break down dirt. PreClean® SaniPlus is ideal for descaling tiled and glass walls or floors, for example. Do not use PreClean SaniPlus on acid-sensitive materials such as marble, natural stone and strongly calcareous tiles.

Special benefits

  • PreClean® SaniPlus does not contain hydrochloric acid that can attack chrome, porcelain, stainless steel or ceramic surfaces.
  • PreClean® SaniPlus is environmentally safe and completely degradable.
  • PreClean® SaniPlus works quickly and has a deep cleaning effect.


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