PreClean® Industry

PreClean® Industry is a powerful and safe industrial degreaser based on chlorine-free solvents. As a substitute for steam cleaning, PreClean® Industry saves a lot of time. PreClean® Industry is mainly used where frequent degreasing of heavily caked grease, oil or grease is necessary. PreClean® Industry is also used to remove residues of hot melt adhesives and tile adhesives.

Special benefits

  • PreClean® Industry has a pleasant fragrance.
  • PreClean® Industry dissolves even the thickest dirt deposits quickly and effectively.
  • The use of PreClean® Industry makes expensive and dangerous cleaning problems a thing of the past, since PreClean® Industry can be used “cold”
  • Oils and fats are dissolved and kept in the solution so that they cannot redeposition in other places.


  • » Kunstof
  • » Metaal

Type vuil

  • » Organic


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