PreClean® SoftEco Industry NV

PreClean® SoftEco Industry NV is a revolutionary innovative cleaning product based on the latest 100% organic and ecological raw materials. This makes PreClean® SoftEco Industry NV an extremely environmentally friendly cleaning product.

PreClean® SoftEco Industry NV has been specially developed for the effective and especially safe removal of stubborn organic and inorganic film-forming coatings, glue (residues), graffiti and other deposits on, for example, masonry, smooth concrete, glass, sheet pile panels, trespa, plastic frames, coated aluminum, doors and windows, etc.

Special benefits

  • PreClean® SoftEco Industry NV has the strong cleaning effect of conventional cleaners, however PreClean® SoftEco Industry NV does not have the corrosive and aggressive properties and the product is also non-toxic for the environment.
  • PreClean® SoftEco Industry NV removes stubborn inorganic and organic coatings, glue (residues) on almost industrial surfaces without problems, without affecting the surfaces.
  • PreClean® SoftEco Industry NV, when used according to instructions, has no etching effect on glass, galvanized materials, metals and is completely safe on ceramic surfaces such as tiles.


  • Extremely suitable for removing (in)organic coatings and adhesive residues
  • Also excellent for removing graffiti and ink
  • Based on the most modern and environmentally friendly synthetic materials


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10-liter jerry can


  • » Kunstof
  • » Metaal

Type vuil

  • » Organic


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