RenoShield® SurfaceProtector CL100

RenoShield® SurfaceProtector CL100 is a semi-permanent, transparent, film-forming, service-life-extending and protective surface coating. RenoShield® SurfaceProtector CL100 is specially developed for use on very heavily weathered, slightly porous, watertight surfaces, such as aluminium frames and sheeting (ionised and coated), weathered stainless steel and dull, heavily scratched painted surfaces and plastics such as Trespa.

RenoShield® SurfaceProtector CL100 provides an ultra-thin pore-filling sustainable and high-UV-resistant protective layer that, depending on the technical condition of the surface, provides a semi-reversible surface protection for around 5 years, preventing further surface contamination and degradation and ensuring an ‘easy-to-clean’ surface.


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