PreClean® SoftEco AL

PreClean® SoftEco AL is a revolutionary innovative alkaline and base replacement cleaning product based on hydrogen compounds and contains no corrosive and caustic bases or bases. PreClean® SoftEco AL has been specially developed for the effective and, above all, safe removal of organic and biological contamination, greases, street dirt and atmospheric deposits on smooth concrete, natural stone, glass, sheet pile panels, Trespa, plastic frames and coated aluminum. PreClean® SoftEco AL is successfully used to completely clean floors, tiled walls, plastic walls, sheet piling, siding, EPDM roofs, etc. PreClean® SoftEco AL is in possession of a Triple Zero HMIS score. PreClean® SoftEco AL is safe to use for the user, environment and surrounding building parts and (cleaning) equipment.

Special advantages:

  • PreClean® SoftEco AL has the strong cleaning effect of alkaline and basic cleaners, but does not have the corrosive and aggressive properties and is non-toxic to people and the environment.
  • PreClean® SoftEco AL is manufactured by the U.S. EPA is considered safe and is 100% biodegradable.
  • PreClean® SoftEco AL has no H and P phrases and no hazard symbols.
  • PreClean® SoftEco AL easily removes stubborn organic and atmospheric contaminants from almost all surfaces, without affecting the surfaces.
  • PreClean® SoftEco AL is completely water-soluble.


  • Innovative alkalis-replacing cleaning product for removing organic contamination
  • No H&P phrases or CLP regulation
  • Applicable to a wide range of substrates


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10-liter jerry can or box with 12 x 1 liter
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