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PreSpec® RenoTop 1-K - Cleaning Care Products International BV (CCPI)

PreSpec® RenoTop 1-K

PreSpec® RenoTop 1-K is a unique, innovative, and extremely durable protective system based on a plastic dispersion, available in all RAL colors. PreSpec® RenoTop 1-K is particularly suitable for exterior applications on metal substrates such as aluminum frames, drip edges, or facade cladding. Treatment with PreSpec® RenoTop 1-K provides highly durable protection with easy-to-clean properties, making it difficult for renewed contamination to adhere and therefore easier to remove. In addition, the treated surface can be cleaned frequently without the need for reapplication, thanks to its excellent adhesion to the substrate. The treated surface is also well protected against erosion and moisture.

Furthermore, the treatment revitalizes the shine and provides a representative appearance. PreSpec® RenoTop 1-K is highly suitable for substrates that are technically at the end of their lifespan and categorized as condition score 5 in the CCPI Condition Score System. After treatment, it is always recommended to include the surfaces in a maintenance program.

Conducted durability tests:

  • Saltspraytest: ISO 9227, ISO 4628-2, ISO 4628-3, ISO 4628-8, 480 hours: Result: Blistering, Corrosion en Delamination = 0
  • Constant Humidity test: ISO 6270-1, ISO 4628-2, ISO 4628-3, 240 Hours: Result: Blistering & Corrosion = 0
  • Determination of film hardness by pencil test: ISO 15184. Result: F
  • Bend test (conical mandrel): ISO 6860. Result: 8,9 mm
  • Bend test (cylindrical mandrel): ISO 1519, 600 hours. Result: Pass
  • Fluorescent UV lamps: ISO 16474-3, 600 Hours (equivalent to 6 years of exposure). Result: Start 83 GU, End: 69 GU, Delta E: 1,5.
  • Gloss according to ISO 2813: Result: 73 GU


  • Filmvormend beschermsysteem in RAL-kleur beschikbaar
  • Ontwikkeld voor conditiescore 5 van het CCPI Conditiescore Systeem
  • Uitstekend toepasbaar op diverse metalen ondergronden zoals kozijnen, waterslagen of andere gevelbekleding
  • Geeft na behandeling een hernieuwde representatieve uitstraling en easy-to-clean eigenschappen


1-component filmvormend beschermsysteem op kleur (RAL)
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