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PreCare RenoCoat Finish

PreCare RenoCoat® Finish is a unique, reversible, hybrid and transparent protection system based on the latest available technologies and raw materials. PreCare RenoCoat® Finish has been specially developed to be applied to surfaces that are categorized in condition score 3 or 4 of the CCPI Conditiescore Systeem. Therefore, the use of PreCare RenoCoat® Finish fits perfectly within a facade maintenance program or MJOP controlled maintenance plan.

PreCare RenoCoat® Finish leaves a pore-filling protective layer that is very easy to apply on a clean surface. PreCare RenoCoat® Finish offers treated surfaces durable protection against further degradation of the surface due to the etching effect of pollution and UV radiation. PreCare RenoCoat® Finish also has a strong color and shine restoration effect. PreCare RenoCoat® Finish has been specially developed to be applied on heavily weathered or yielding surfaces. PreCare RenoCoat® Finish can be used on all closed non-porous surfaces such as stove enamelled, coated and / or anodised aluminum, Trespa (Volkern), stainless steel, etc.

Special advantages:

  • PreCare RenoCoat® Finish is very easy to apply.
  • PreCare RenoCoat® Finish is part of the RenoCoat® family and therefore reversible.
  • PreCare RenoCoat® Finish is very economical to use.
  • PreCare RenoCoat® Finish has been specially developed to permanently restore heavily weathered or oily surfaces (condition score 3-4 of the CCPI Condition Score System).
  • PreCare RenoCoat® Finish is reversible and therefore easy to repair and fits perfectly within a multi-year maintenance program (MJOP).


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