PreClean N

PreClean® N is a neutral cleaning product for the removal of atmospheric contamination, industrial deposits and user contamination from waterproof surfaces. Due to the special detergents, PreClean® N does not contain any harmful and aggressive components, which means that it can be used completely human and environmentally friendly almost everywhere. PreClean® N is an all-rounder that can be safely applied to coated, tiled, plastic, (coated) aluminum, stucco, ISPO, frames, cladding, etc.

Special benefits

  • PreClean® N does not need to be rinsed and cleans streak-free.
  • PreClean® N completely dissolves in water, softens the water, removes dirt, is safe for paint, parts, glass and rubber.
  • Due to the special penetrants in PreClean® N, the product reaches pollution deep into the pores.
  • PreClean® N is completely water-soluble.


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