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One of the key elements of CCPI’s business operations is our strong commitment to sharing knowledge with our partners. After all, the successful application of, for example, a coating system also relies to a strong extent on whether the contractor takes due note of important factors like the nature of the surface, its history, the cleaning methodology, pre-treatment requirements, weather conditions, etc. At CCPI, we offer our partners the option of completing one or more courses at our in-house training centre.

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Our ‘Basic Façade Maintenance Knowledge’ course mainly focuses on the various types of surface and pollutants that you can encounter on an everyday basis. In addition, the course includes a more in-depth explanation of the various cleaning product categories and their typical characteristics.

Our ‘Coatings, Preservation systems and Application’ course is a more advanced course that follows up on the content dealt with in ‘Basic Façade Maintenance Knowledge’ course. In this course, the focus is more on the various types of preservation systems that are currently on the market.

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It goes into the characteristics of the various systems, as well their respective advantages and drawbacks. In addition, the course pays specific attention to the basic conditions and risks that need to be taken into account when applying one of these preservation systems.

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